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How to order

1. Click the order button
2. In an email tell us your name, address and phone number (Glasgow deliveries only)
3. Let us know your choice/s of Meat / Fish and Veg box options
4. Tell us which day you would like your box delivered 

One of our team will give you a call to take payment over the phone on Thursday afternoon or evening.

Orders open for delivery on Friday and Saturday between 4 and 7pm. 
Delivery charge £5

We have a collection of natural wines and cocktails available at collection from our Bottle Shop.

Box Collections + Bottle Shop:
Friday, 4-7pm 
Saturday, 4-7pm

Click the spinning button to email your order.

Collections will be staggered to ensure regular disinfection of surfaces and all our staff are upholding the highest of cleanliness standards, with PPE where required.

Selection of Wine + Cocktails available for sale on collection

Meat & Fish Box

Serves 2 

smoked almonds
guindilla peppers

focaccia & oil

jalapeno & sweetcorn croquettas

mussels, chorizo, potato

lamb meatballs, red pepper, cous cous

chocolate mousse, olive oil, smoked sea salt



Vegetable Box

Serves 2 

nocellara olives
smoked almonds
guindilla peppers

focaccia & oil

jalapeno & sweetcorn croquettas

potato, paprika, yoghurt

bbq hispi cabbage, harissa, tahini

chocolate mousse, olive oil, smoked sea salt